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Alumni is optional and is made up of a volunteer base.  It is a way for individuals who are in similar situations to reconnect and share their experience, strength and hope.  There is no charge for any involvement with Alumni or it's services offered. 


MT Recovery will commit to having annual fundraisers for members and any proceeds going towards charities, member BBQ's, spirit awareness, and we will offer volunteer services and engage in any community work.  A community that has connection and works together, will get healthy together and stay together. 

MT Recovery will donate a portion ($5) of each session to an ever changing (monthly basis) community non-profit that helps those in need.  MT Recovery also will use proceeds to donate recovery literature to Alumni, future and current, when there is a need.

 Lauren saw me at the lowest point in my life and didn’t bat an eye in disgust, annoyance or disapproval. She was the complete opposite. She was open and willing to hear me, she listened and nodded showing me that she was acknowledging and not judging my desperate state, she spoke in a calming tone that broke through my chaos and most importantly she didn’t turn me away when she had every right to. Her pure heart and selfless, empathetic nature allowed her to be face to face with a shattered, hopeless empty little girl and see a woman who just needed one more chance given to her. I feel Lauren gave me the chance to change without hesitation and that started a domino effect in my life. That chance to change helped me in turn to give myself a chance at life I’ve always dreamt of living. Addiction is a scary dark road, and I felt prior to meeting Lauren that recovery was a very scary dark road. However, Lauren selflessly gave me her light and hung it up at the end of the dark recovery tunnel. Not at the beginning because she knew I had to work my way to it. And I did.

Megan P.  Alumni Member of MT Recovery

Lauren’s thoughtful and objective guidance helped me regain my confidence during a personal setback, and one of the lowest periods of my life. I valued our work together and her insights which helped me choose and make better decisions for myself. Lauren’s a compassionate, non-judgmental and empathetic listener and I truly felt grounded and a weight lifted when I left each time. 

Shane H.  Alumni Member of MT Recovery

Lauren really helped me to start to understand myself and my behaviours. She took me on a journey of self-discovery like no other counsellor had done before. Lauren is empowering and gave me such hope.  She is an incredible counsellor and I always felt amazing once I stepped out of session thanks to our work. 

Jocelyn T.  Alumni Member of MT Recovery

Lauren goes above and beyond within her community and searching for resources that are available to her clients.  If you need some resources to help in your environment, she will do the leg work and get you through the barriers so you have more time to focus on you and less time on frustration.  As a community organization that works with MT Recovery, Lauren is extremely highly regarded and has been around so she knows many organizations to get in touch with and how to get around the red tape.

Mike Q.  Community Director within a NGO

Lauren helped me to see and deal with problems in my life I could not solve by myself.  As well as being qualified/professional, I found Lauren’s counselling to be very "human" which helped me to understand and accept professional guidance that perhaps I might otherwise have resisted.  It is so easy to relate to what she is saying and you can tell she loves what she does.  I highly recommend Lauren as a competent and effective counsellor.  

Chad B. Alumni Member of MT Recovery

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