Free Initial Consultation

To ensure you are getting the most out of your treatment, I am offering a 20 min initial consultation to discuss what the right fit for you would be at no cost. Phone, in person, zoom or via Telehealth.


Lauren MacDonald
Primary Therapist

Welcome to MT Recovery and Family Therapy.  Whether you are seeking services for yourself or someone else, it is our hope you find this information beneficial.  Our aim is to empower you in pursuing therapeutic services. Finding the right person is essential. Having a connection and trust with your professional will support you in achieving your therapy goals.


Lauren MacDonald is a registered Social Worker in the province of Saskatchewan (#5089) and a certified Addiction Counsellor and Life Coach. For over 15 years, Lauren has worked within the Mental Health and Substance Abuse field supporting individuals and families from all backgrounds experiencing a variety of challenges including trauma, depression, anxiety, guilt, shame and family dynamics. A strong working knowledge of mental health and substance abuse as concurrent disorders has proven beneficial in her approach to therapy. Feedback from Lauren’s past clients includes a nonjudgmental attitude and creating a safe and comforting therapeutic environment.  Her direct nature will allow you to feel empowered and involved.  Her goal is to unleash your potential and provide guidance in finding solutions to your challenges and enhance your coping mechanisms. 


Lauren is a mother of two who enjoys motocross, equestrian sport, and travelling. Lauren is a recovering addict herself.


For appointments, we have a flexible schedule, and the medium to provide services will be determined by you.  In person, Text, Video and Telephone options are all available.  We provide services to individuals, couples, families and small groups.