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We believe flexibility and diversity is essential, we offer peer support groups, individual sessions, transitional outpatient programming for a successful reintegration into the individuals environment family sessions and group or private educational sessions.  Whatever your needs, please ask and we will accommodate.

We provide addiction services & community resources in Regina, Saskatchewan with sober living houses and options when needed.  Substance Abuse, Addiction, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Guilt and Shame.

We are well experienced in referrals for inpatient treatment, sober housing and work with many treatment centers in Saskatchewan, all over Canada and some places in the United States.  Along with treatment options we also have connections with community resources, sober living houses and options when needed.  We will handle all of the paperwork and advocating, you’re no longer alone.

Our Practice

Client Centered 

We work with you to ensure goals are attainable.  Every person has their own individual treatment plan and we ensure that is what you receive, an individual plan specific to your needs and tangible goals that you will be able to achieve.  

We offer group rates, educational seminars, an outpatient treatment plan that can be tailored to your timeframe/needs, couples therapy and 1:1 sessions



We have you covered

Wether you have insurance coverage, are treaty status, through victim services or paying out of pocket, we at MT Recovery have never turned someone away.  If you are willing to reach out, we are willing to give back in any way we can.  


  • under most insurance companies and some allow us to direct bill so nothing out of pocket

  • Non-Insured Indigenous Health Benefits Program (NIHB), being treaty status you will have a minimum of 22 sessions covered each year through MT Recovery (including private and all groups).

  •  Victim Services (including private and all groups)

  • Out of pocket - We work on a sliding scale, you pay what you can afford at the time.

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Free Initial Consultation

To ensure you are getting the most out of your treatment, we are offering a 20 min initial consultation to discuss if we are the right fit for you at no cost. Phone, in person, zoom or via Telehealth.


Lauren is a mother of two, enjoys motocross, equestrian sport and travelling.  She is a Registered Social Worker, Certified Canadian Addiction Counsellor and Certified Life Coach and has worked with Mental Health and Substance Abuse for over 15 years.  Lauren has facilitated a significant amount of family therapy, educational seminars with groups, businesses and families, family interventions and 1:1’s. She feels fortunate to have acquired an extensive educational background in Mental Health and Substance Abuse and is in recovery herself.



2146 Robinson Street, S4T 2P7  Regina SK 

Tel: 306-570-9038

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